How Fast Is Fast? Nationally Ranked Internet Speeds

You have heard it before – Eagle Heights Pleasanton has some of the fastest internet in the Pleasanton and Jourdanton area. Eagle Heights Pleasanton offers both wired and wireless internet, both with blazing fast speeds that will enable our residents to enjoy internet without worrying about connection problems or long download times. We have talked about this before, and we know our current residents would agree that it is one of the best things about living in the apartments at Eagle Heights Pleasanton. But did you know that our wired and wireless internet is also ranked among the fastest speeds in the United States?

That is right, everyone. In a recent speed test, Eagle Heights wireless internet received an A grade, performing better than the internet in 85% of the United States. Our Eagle Heights wired internet, however, is faster than a whopping 97% of the United States. With statistics like this, it is clear that Eagle Heights Pleasanton offers the best of both worlds – blazing fast internet speeds that rank nationally, yet a quiet, serene apartments in Pleasanton without the hustle and bustle of urban areas. In this community, you have this and many other amenities offered that will make life here comfortable and convenient for you and your family.


Nationally Ranked Internet Blazing Internet Speeds





Are you curious to visit this apartment community for yourself? We at Eagle Heights Pleasanton™ would love to have you stop by to visit the property, see our Texas-shaped pool, and experience some of the fastest internet in the land. If you are ready to schedule your visit, check out our contact page or call 830.399.0810.

Cool Off in a Texas Pool

We Texans know that summer in this state is no joke. With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees during the months of June, July, and August, Texas residents avoid feeling cooped up in the air conditioning by finding ways to cool off in outdoor pools. At Eagle Heights Pleasanton, we know just how hot Texas heat can be – that is why we are currently installing a swimming pool on the property…and it is not just any swimming pool, but a TEXAS-shaped swimming pool.

You heard the news here first, folks – Eagle Heights Pleasanton will soon be home to a pool in the shape of our beloved state of Texas. This exciting addition to our community will include a fun water wall feature, a set of restrooms for your convenience, and outdoor showers where you can rinse off after a long day in the pool. In addition to these amenities, the outdoor area will also feature access to the fastest internet in the Pleasanton region, just like in your apartment, allowing you to enjoy surfing the web and keeping you from racking up data usage when spending the day poolside.

This new swimming pool will be added to our community grilling area by the gazebo, allowing you to spend a day outdoors swimming, getting some sun, and grilling delicious food for all of your family and friends. We at Eagle Heights Pleasanton are so excited to bring you this new amenity soon – just another reason we are the best apartment community in Pleasanton.


We Have the Best Internet in Pleasanton

Is there anything worse than getting home after a long day to a poor internet connection? All you want to do is catch up on social media from the day, check out the upcoming weather for the weekend, or stream your favorite show on Netflix for a quiet evening in, but your internet just will not cooperate. How much time have you wasted waiting for a video to buffer or for a webpage to load? How frustrating this can be!

At Eagle Heights Pleasanton, you will not experience this problem. We expended some extra effort to ensure that our residents would have great high-speed Fiber Optic access when we built Eagle Heights Pleasanton. Our internet access is not only great, but compared with the other apartment communities, hotels, and motels in Pleasanton, Texas, it is actually the BEST connection in the area! You can even get a quick connection to Fiber Optic out in our outdoor pool and grilling area, making your family downtime spend enjoying the great outdoors even better.

If the freedom to work from your laptop at home, catch up on the score of your favorite game online, or binge watch your favorite online shows over a lazy weekend is important to you, rest assured knowing that we at Eagle Heights Pleasanton understand. It is our mission to support your lifestyle and to provide you with the highest quality of apartment living in Pleasanton. Give us a call today to see which of our great floor plans are available!

Ready for Move In

Eagle Heights Pleasanton™ is officially ready for move in! Construction has been completed on Phase I of our unique Serviced Apartment complex. Furnishings and amenities are coming on line rapidly and our professional staff is all in place.

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